10 Traits of Great Interns


Searching for an intern is more difficult than one might imagine. Finding the right one for your business is just as important as selecting your employees. If you’re hiring your intern for a short-term project, it’s especially important to find someone who can jump in and get the job done.  The following are some qualities to look for in your interns:

1. Enthusiasm – Interns who are enthusiastic about working with your company are more likely to produce good results than those who are just trying to fulfill their college requirements, or gain experience any way they can. Including questions in your interview that pertain to why the candidate wants an internship with your company is a good way to reveal her level of enthusiasm.

2. Willingness to learn - An intern who already thinks he knows it all probably won’t be much of an asset to your business. Although he should have some training that relates to the position, he must be willing to learn the skills he needs to complete his project successfully.

3. Commitment – This one is important for obvious reasons. Hiring an intern, only to have her leave with the job half done, can put a major strain on your business. You need someone who is committed to seeing her internship through.

4. Good communication skills - Interns need to be able to communicate well with others in order to facilitate teamwork. They too should be able to effectively let you know when they run into problems. You can get a good feel for a candidate’s communication skills through open-ended interview questions.

5. Receptiveness to constructive criticism – An intern will not get everything right on the first try, nor should you expect him to. But he should be able to take constructive criticism, and use it to improve his performance.

6. Trustworthiness – This is a very important one, especially if the intern will be dealing with sensitive information or company assets. For these types of positions, it might be worthwhile to utilize personality tests that can reveal potential problems.

7. Ability to prioritize – Whether your intern is working on a specific project or just helping out around the office, prioritizing tasks is important. You can provide some structure, but it’s ultimately up to the intern herself to use her time wisely.

8. Problem solving skills - While it’s important to be there when your interns need you, there’s just not enough time in the day to solve every little problem for them. They should be able to handle minor problems on their own with little guidance once they’ve been taught the proper procedures.

9. Adaptability – Your intern may or may not be doing exactly what he had hoped to do in an internship, but he should be able to adapt to a variety of tasks. The idea is to gain work experience and skills, not to set himself in one certain position for life. Having an intern who is open to doing various things in your business will make the internship more pleasant and successful for all involved.

10. An appropriate energy level - High-energy candidates are often the most attractive for business owners seeking interns, but they’re not always the best choice. High energy works for intense positions, but if your internship opportunity consists of answering phones or making copies all day, high-energy types may become bored quickly. So it’s very important to find a candidate that has the right type of energy for the job you need done.

Choosing the right intern varies based on the type of business you own. Knowing these 10 qualities that an intern should have, will help you successfully choose the proper intern for your team.

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Business Growth & Marketing Strategist, Deanna Maio, teaches coaches, consultants, and other service providers how to make more profits and work less hours while doing more of the work they REALLY love in their business. To get her tips on how to create a powerful internship program visit http://www.GetFreeHelpWithInterns.com

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